HMO Licensing

What is an HMO?

If you are living in a shared student property, chances are you're living in a house in multiple occupation (HMO). An HMO is generally a house or flat let to three or more people who form more than one household and share facilities (such as bathrooms/a kitchen). A house converted into bedsits, let to 3 or more people may also be considered an HMO if some facilities are being shared.

If an HMO is occupied by 5 or more people, it is classed as a large HMO and will require a licence. HMO licences are issued by the local authority and will contain conditions which make sure that the house is suitable for the number of occupants and is run by a landlord/agent who is considered to be 'fit and proper'. The licence will also include fire safety and amenity level requirements.

Further information on HMO licensing can be found at, or via your local Council website.

Check if you property has an HMO licence

If you think your property should have an HMO licence, you can check an online register by searching for your address.