Finding Accommodation in Bradford for January 2023

We are currently seeing unprecedented numbers of students arriving in Bradford to start their studies at the University, this has led to a shortage of student accommodation.  
There is currently no family accommodation available through the university or Unipol and very limited availability from other sources, often costing over £800 per calendar month without bills.  Students wanting to bring families are STRONGLY ADVISED to delay bringing their families until suitable accommodation can be secured.
Find out more on how to try and find family accommodation now below
Find out more general advice on bringing your family HERE

Finding accommodation just for you

If you are travelling alone there are still some rooms available for individual students on the Unipol website as well as rooms with other providers listed below.  As the amount of students expected to arrive exceeds the amount of rooms advertised, Unipol would recommend that you book something as quickly as possible.
Use the Unipol website to search for individual rooms in shared properties
Please note that Unipol will endeavour to update this information on a regular basis
Pllease choose proprties that are part of an accreditation scheme: Unipol Code or the National Code for larger buildings: 
All bills included En-suite rooms in student halls:
Average prices from £84-£120 per person per week depending on tenancy length and room type. For individual students, not suitable for families
Bills included in shared student houses with shared bathroom:
Average prices from  £90- £114  per person per week . For individual students, not suitable for families.  Sometimes couples are accepted at an additional cost.
Bills not included in shared student houses:
Average prices from £55- £76  per person per week . For individual students, not suitable for families.  Sometimes couples are accepted at an additional cost.
You can also check the Student Noticeboard on the Unipol website. Students who want to leave their accommodation tenancy early can advertise available rooms on the Noticeboard
Useful advice on costs & what to look for 

Family accommodation

As mentioned above there are no family accommodation options available through Unipol.  If your family must travel with you we would suggest looking at private letting agent websites to try to find accommodation. Please bear in mind the properties/landlords who advertise on these sites have no affiliation with Unipol or the University, and we are unable to guarantee the condition, quality of the management of the property. 
As these properties are advertised to the general population and are not specifically aimed at student families, you may find that bills and furniture are not included in the rent. The tenancy length maynot  match the academic year and many will ask for a UK guarantor, credit check or rent in advance.
Please be cautious and ensure you are happy before accepting a property, as once agreed it is a legally binding contract and you cannot change your mind. You will still be responsible for the rent even if you move out early. 
You also need to consider the size of property required, under UK government guidance siblings of the opposite sex are not allowed to share a bedroom once one of them reaches the age of 12. 
Please note anyone over 18 who is not a student will have to pay Council Tax, The amount is dependent on the property taken. Ask the landlord or letting agent which band the property is in, then use this website to check the amount due.  If there is only 1 person over 18 in the household a 25% reduction is applied. Click here for more information on council tax bands and amounts.

Questions? Further help and advice

Useful Publications
How to Rent Guide - students should receive this from all landlords, it contains useful info about deposit protection, charges and other renting information you should be aware of
Housing Guide from Unipol - detailed information on renting in Bradford
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