Homeshare - affordable alternative for students

Homeshare is a really simple idea.  The scheme matches people looking for an affordable place to live with an older person with a spare room who needs a helping hand at home.

A Homeshare you can call a home

Wondering if you can afford to eat and rent? Fed up of the traditional student house sharing experience?  Want a lifetime experience which brings you new friendships and great value accommodation in a comfortable family home? 

Leeds Homeshare, a new scheme, offered by Leeds City Council, could be just the answer.

What is it? 

The scheme matches older people who want to maintain their independence and to stay in their own homes with younger people who want to stay in a home environment. 

How does it work?

The service carefully matches up the older person (Homeowner) with someone (Homesharer) who needs a home.

No personal care is involved but the Homesharer agrees to provide around 10 hours a week of support to the Homeowner in exchange for lodging. Helping with those things that can start to get difficult as you get older such as, shopping, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog maybe or looking after the garden.  Or, it can be just to have someone to watch the telly with.  The homesharer pays no rent paid but does pay a fee of £150 per month to Leeds City Council. 

To apply for the scheme, you complete and submit the appropriate form (details below).  The Homeshare team then sensitively process the applications, interview you and match you to homeowners carefully to ensure compatability.  You will meet the homeowner so you can decide if the match is right for you.

Homeshare is a flexible scheme and Leeds City Council consult with you to put together agreement that’s right for you. This covers how the living arrangements such as splitting utility bills will work. A share will last a minimum of 6 months but most last longer, usually 9 -12 months.

In addition to application checks, including DBS, References and Credit Checks, there is a thorough assessment and ongoing support.

Homeshare is an affordable housing option, saving you money to do more of the things you enjoy, avoid mounting debt whilst building rewarding new relationships. 

A Homesharer talks about the scheme:

 “The Homeshare scheme fits my needs perfectly as I love helping people and I enjoy caring, sharing and making a positive difference to the Householder’s life.  I help with cooking, light housework and just being there for company.  In the times we are now living in, it is a great way to support each other and I also benefit by having a lovely home to live in at an affordable price.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Homeshare call on telephone: 0113 3785410 or email

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