Deposit Inspection Checklist


  • The cooker, including the oven is clean and has all its attachments (particularly any grill pan provided)    
  • The fridge/freezer is empty of all food, the freezer has been defrosted, all shelves are clean and it has been switched off with the door left open    
  • All surfaces and the floor in the kitchen are clean and the bins are emptied    
  • All the cupboards are empty of goods and wiped clean    

Lounge, passageways and external

  • All communal areas have been vacuumed    
  • All rubbish has been removed    
  • The cellar has none of your items left in it    
  • No rubbish is left unbagged in the yard/garden    


  • The rooms have been vacuumed (including under the bed and behind the wardrobe)    
  • All personal possessions have been removed    
  • All posters and blue tack or sellotape have been removed    
  • All rubbish is removed    
  • All furniture that was in the room at the beginning of the tenancy has been put back    
  • The curtains are hung properly on their hooks    
  • Paint work and windowsills have been wiped    
  • Furniture is empty and polished    


  • The toilet, sink and bath have been cleaned    
  • All others surfaces are clean, including the floor    
  • All toiletries have been removed and all bins emptied