Tenancy Deposit Protection: Enforcement Pack

If you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and have paid a deposit legally the deposit you pay must be protected by your landlord.

This means your landlords must pay your deposit into one of the three authorised schemes within 30 days of receiving your deposit. For more information on the three tenancy deposit schemes click here. The Tenancy Deposit Protection Enforcement Pack gives you information on how to get your deposit protected.

This pack gives tenants information about:

  • whether your deposits should be protected
  • how you can get their deposits protected
  • standard letters you can send to your landlords
  • court procedures you can use to get your deposit protected

This Enforcement Pack can be used by individual tenants and also student advice services. If you have any further queries or questions we would advise you visit your students’ union advice service.

Download a copy of the pack

Standard Letters

The Enforcement pack includes standard letters for tenants to send to their landlord, agent and TDP scheme administrator. You can download these letters here and fill in your individual details. Please read the enforcement pack which explains which letter is applicable to your circumstances.

Courts Service Explanatory Leaflets

You can download the relevant court documents below, please read the enforcement pack which explains which of the forms is relevant to your claim based on your circumstances.

EX50 – County Court fees
EX160 – Application form for fee remission
EX160A – Do you have to pay court fees?
EX301 – Making a claim – some questions to ask yourself
EX302 – How to make a claim
EX303 – What the landlord or agent should do on receiving your claim
EX304 – No reply to your claim form – what you should do
EX306 – The small claims track