Tips on How to Help Avoid Problems

  • Check what your responsibilities are for the garden – if you are responsible, gardening equipment should be provided.
  • If you bring furniture from home make proper arrangements remove the owner’s furniture or put it somewhere where it won’t get damaged.
  • If the owner/agent agrees to remove any excess furniture from the house, confirm this in writing so that it cannot be listed as ‘missing’ in your end-of-year tenancy inspection.
  • Always report any repairs in writing and keep a copy so you can show that it is not damage caused by the household
  • Maintain the house properly, cleaning/vacuuming from time to time
  • Clean all cookers, fridges, toilets, showers and baths properly at the end of the tenancy using proper cleaning materials
  • Respect the owner/agent’s fixtures and fittings. Burn marks on the carpet, cigarette burns on the furniture could cost you your entire deposit and more.
  • If you do break/damage anything (deliberately or accidentally), then inform the owner/agent immediately. Do not leave it until the end of the tenancy