Halls to Houses

Moving out of your university halls and into a shared student house is an exciting step! However, with more freedom comes more responsibility.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help the transition go as smoothly as possible and to help you out along the way.

Preparing to move out of halls

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate throughout your first year of uni, so don’t leave sorting through your things until the last minute.

Start sorting through your things now.

Barter it – if you can’t give something a home for next year, why not sell it and find it a new home? (And earn some extra cash!)

Bank it – there are lots of donation banks around Leeds where you can recycle things like clothes, books and food.

Bin it – use the correct bins for your waste to reduce the amount going to landfill.

You can find moving out tips, donation bank locations, and lots more by following this link.


Coordinating your move in to a house

Here’s a quick checklist to make your way through before you move into your new home:

  • Agree with your housemates on who will be bringing what – you don’t need 4 toasters!
  • Check with your new landlord if they have everything they need. Has everyone provided their guarantor information? Has everyone paid their deposit?
  • Do you need to book your key collection slot?
  • Check whether you are arranging your own utility bills (energy and wifi), and if you are, do some research using an online comparison site to get the best deal.
  • What’s the parking situation at your new house? Check whether permits are needed before moving in. Expect the roads to be busy on 30th June/ 1st July, or if you can, consider delaying your move by a day or two to avoid crowds.
  • Don’t pack your ID into the bottom of a box – keep it handy as you’ll need it to collect your key.
  • Pack an overnight bag so you have a few essentials to hand to tide you over on the first night in your new property.


Moving into a new community

When moving into a house in Leeds you will no longer be living exclusively among students so it is important to be mindful of this and be a considerate neighbour.

To make a friendly first impression, why not introduce yourself when you arrive? You can find lots more advice here.



Living in a house as opposed to uni halls can give you an extra sense of independence, but that doesn’t mean you’re not supported. These services are here to help you throughout your whole time at uni:


Unipol Code – If your house is Code accredited, Unipol can support you with any problems you might have while living there, including problems with your landlord. You can check if your new house is Code accredited here.

If you’re moving into a property managed by Unipol directly, you can access Unipol Tenancy Support by emailing tenancysupport@unipol.org.uk.

Other organisations

WalkSafe Leeds – an app to help you feel safer when walking around the city. It can track your journeys, share your route and alert your contacts if you need help.

Antisocial Behaviour Team in Leeds - If you’re being affected by antisocial behaviour from those in the community, keep a log of the dates, times, and impact and report it to the ASBT in Leeds.

Money Information Centre Leeds - If having problems with bills, don’t ignore them. Even if you move out, they will be able to find you. MIC can offer loads of advice.