Advice for International Students Looking for Accommodation

City Specific Advice

There is still student accommodation available in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham for students needing housing. Below you will find advice and tips on how to secure accommodation as an international student, with city specific information. 



This advice page is for students travelling without dependents. If you are looking to secure accommodation for a family you should visit a separate advice page, which you can find at the link below

Advice for students wanting to bring their family

Finding accommodation just for you

If you have not yet arrived in the UK you are strongly advised to try and secure your accommodation before you travel as short-stay accommodation tends to be very expensive and is also difficult to find.  Once in the UK, if you are unable to secure accommodation quickly, having to stay in short-stay accommodation could have a serious negative impact on your finances.  

Below you will find advice and tips on what to do to try to find suitable accommodation for the period of your study as an international student in the UK.  As the amount of students expected to arrive exceeds the amount of rooms advertised, Unipol would recommend that you book something as quickly as possible.

Make contact with your university’s accommodation office

It is always advisable to check with the accommodation team at your university to see if they have any available accommodation for you (Leeds and Nottingham).  You should have already received information on how to do this. 

Search for accommodation on Unipol’s website

Unipol has an accommodation search facility available on our website where you can search for single rooms within shared houses.  Please note we have limited availability at the moment. There are two ways to do this:

How many bedrooms do you want? Set this to 1 unless you are looking with friends

Whole Property Required? This should be set to Rooms in a Shared Property/ Large Development

When do you want to move in? This should be set to when you plan to arrive in the UK

  • Unipol’s Student NoticeboardThis gives you the opportunity to take over another student's room/tenancy if they are wanting to leave their property. You can place a message in ‘Accommodation Wanted’ and look in ‘Accommodation Available’ for advertised rooms.

Using other websites

If you have been unable to find accommodation through your University or Unipol's website we advise you to use alternative popular search engines to look for accommodation both inside and outside of the city in which you are studying. This should provide more search results and although it is further from the University campuses, you should have more success in finding accommodation in these areas if you are struggling.

The most popular websites for finding accommodation in the private rented sector are:

Rightmove –
Zoopla –
Open Rent –
Spareroom -
Gumtree –

Top tip! - Set up alerts/notifications for accommodation sites to ensure you are the first to see when they add new properties that match what you are looking for.