Moving out 2024

Moving Out? Let's Sort It Out.

If you’ve got stuff you no longer need, don’t let it slow you down. 

We’ve teamed up to help you deal with it like a pro! 

  • Start early – There is always more to do on moving day than you first think, by decluttering early you will find the whole thing far less stressful.  
  • Chat to your housemates – Does anyone want the Christmas tree, or can it be donated? 
  • Don't waste a journey - If you're going somewhere, take what you can with you and drop it off at a bank on your way. 


Barter it.

Can't give it a home? Find it a home.

There are lots of ways to give your things a new home and possibly even make some cash. Try online options such as, Vinted, webuybooks, Facebook Marketplace and the Leeds Student Group page. 

You can also sell and swap in person at various upcoming events in Leeds. 

Second Hand Sale Burley - Cardigan Community Centre
Wednesday 19th June
11am - 3pm
Details and registration here

Swap Shop - Woodhouse Community Centre
Wednesday 26th June
2pm - 5pm
Details and registration here

Student Movers Sale - Left Bank
Thursday 27th June
1pm - 6pm
Details and registration here


Bank it.

Use donation banks in your area.

There are so many donation bank points across your area, you are never more than a short walk away from one. For exact locations have a look at this map 

Clothing, household items and books

Many of your local banks take all these items, but this year we have installed many more new donation banks to make this even easier for you. So, look out for the big green Revive banks and the big red British Heart Foundation banks.

Revive Reuse is a Community Interest Company who work in partnership with Leeds City Council. Profits support their two member charities SLATE and SVP. 

British Heart Foundation is a charity dedicated to funding life-saving research into heart and circulatory diseases. Find out more about the great work they do here.

Supporting a local charity find out what local charity shops are accepting donations in Leeds. 


Unwanted knives should not be donated. Please take them to Kirkstall or Meanwood recycling centres and place in the scrap metal section. Don’t leave them in your garden or on the street, this could contribute to knife crime in Leeds. 


No-one likes to throw away good food, so don’t. Rainbow Junktion Community Café would love to have your food donations. 

Rainbow Junktion Community Café

All Hallows Church, 24 Regent Terrace, LS6 1NP 

Donate from 10am to 4pm Monday, Thursday & Friday. Ring the doorbell. 


  • Pet food  
  • Opened spices/oils  
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Unopened bread/bakery products
  • Eggs up to a week past their best before date  
  • Unopened tinned food like bean or soup and dry food like pasta (even if past best before date) 
  • Unopened frozen food that is labelled and dated.


Bin it.

Use the correct bin for your waste.

When you are clearing out, you might have stuff that can’t be donated. Sort through your waste responsibly. Don’t get dumped with £300 fine!

There’s a black bin collection every week. Make sure you make the most of every single one.

Download the Leeds Bins app for bin day reminders – don’t forget to update it when you move.

Use your green bin only for paper, metals and plastic and the black bin for general rubbish.

To get more information visit Leeds Council's Bins, Waste, and Recycling Website.

Do not leave waste on the street or at the side of your bin. Only waste INSIDE your bin will be taken away, don’t leave any items on the street.


Concerned about getting your deposit back? Here is our advice on what you can do to maximise your chances of getting it all back.

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