Owners Consultative Group Leeds

Terms of Reference

To consult the owner community:

a) on proposed changes to the content of the current Student Accommodation Accreditation Scheme, taking into account changes required by the implementation legislation and the subsequent policies developed by Leeds City Council

b) as a contribution to analysis of how the Accreditation scheme is operating

c) on how the Housing Hub services interfaces with owners and improvements that would be beneficial to the owner community

d) provide the owner community with an opportunity to comment on the analysis of market conditions in Leeds

e) contribute to the house hunting strategy for Leeds Students

All members shall be appointed for 3 years and must be registered owners with Unipol and accredited as a condition of their membership of the Owners Consultative Group. There will be up to 30 members of this group and Unipol will encourage applications from owners with different size portfolios so that the consultations will take in factors which will affect all types of owners.

The Owners Consultative Group will meet four times a year.

The notes of the Owners Consultative Group will go to the Leeds and Bradford Group

Membership 1st August 2021 to 31st July 2024

Deu Estates - Mr Jaskaran Deu
Mr Richard Dew
Miss Avril Harris
Mr Mark Jenkinson
Ms Jean Hussain
Mr Steve Kettlewell
Mr Fran McLoughlin
Mr Sodur Miah – SM Properties
Ms Sue Michaels
Mr Andrew O’Leary – Ashfield Estates
Mr Rakesh Parmar
Mr Raj Patel – BUR Properties
Mrs Sarah Powell - Pickard Properties
Ms Lynda Raddings
Mr Steve Rowley
Mr James Saul
Mr John Spencer
Mrs Esther Strudwick
Mrs Pat Swallow
Ms Lorraine Walker
Mr Paul Heaton - Springwell