Student Forum Nottingham

The Student Forum has recently been revised and is currently operating in a new format. The forum dates are now a time for Unipol's Housing Hub staff to engage with students to answer a questionnaire and look at booklets and the website to provide feedback.

Unipol prepares the areas for discussion and writes the questionnaire but also encourages students to raise issues with us.

Housing Hub staff are deployed in a range of specified locations to talk to students so that they talk to a wide selection of students.

Any issues raised by students are reported back via Unipol's Facebook page and can be viewed and commented on here.

Terms of Reference

To provide a forum for the student community:

a) on issues both local and national that affect student accommodation in Nottingham to include environmental challenges

b) as a contribution to analysis of how the Accreditation scheme is operating and ways to improve housing standards in Nottingham

c) on how the Housing Hub services interfaces with students and improvements that would be beneficial to the student community

d) provide the student community with an opportunity to comment on the analysis of market conditions in Nottingham and to discuss the relevance of this information to other students and how to disseminate this information

e) contribute to the house hunting strategy for Nottingham Students specifically including publication and web content

f) to discuss matters relating to students and other community members living in the same area and to decide on actions that will improve the living conditions and relationships for all.

The Student Forum will carry out a survey four times as year. The notes of the surveys will be received by the Nottingham Services Committee.