February 2024

Portfolio Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. Oversee and guide the development of Unipol’s property portfolio and management operation
  2. Have first line responsibility for the leasing and any forward arrangements for Unipol’s premises at 155-157 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds
  3. Review and have oversight of the Health and Safety performance of the charity and make recommendations to the Board on Health and Safety matters. On an annual basis receive and forward the Health and Safety Policy for Board approval
  4. Establish a property management load for the organisation and determine the balance between Unipol’s own portfolio and managed owners
  5. Oversee Unipol’s lettings, ensuring that voids throughout the portfolio are minimised
  6. Establish the product levels within the Unipol portfolio taking into account:
    1. inclusive and non-inclusive pricing
    2. utility charging
    3. deposit setting and administration
  7. To decide on pricing throughout the property portfolio within the context of the aims of the Forward Look and within the parameters of the Note on the Shape of the Budget as approved by the Board.


The quorum shall be three members.



Andy Welsh (Deputy Chair – Portfolio and Chair of the Board) 

1 member to be appointed from Unipol’s Board:
Sue Stones

5 other members to be appointed by the Board (preferably one of which to be a student):
Sarah Jones
Stewart Moore
Michael Lees
Hannah Catterall

Chief Executive
Assistant Chief Executive - Housing
Director of Finance

In Attendance
Assistant Chief Executive - Development
Housing Manager - Operations
Housing Manager - Compliance and Logistics

The Committee to meet at least 3 times a year.

The Chair of the Committee is appointed by Unipol's Board.
All members would be voting members and the Chair would have both an original and, if required, a casting vote. All members are appointed for three years and nominated members of the Committee (that are not already members of Unipol's Board) are subject to approval by Unipol's Board.