Guidelines on Operational Procedures Relating to Abuse of Controlled Substances

i) Unless a complaint was received from a tenant no action would be taken against any tenant using controlled substances for personal recreation

ii) If a complaint was received the matter would be dealt with by Unipol as a normal inter-tenant dispute with Unipol operating a conciliating and enabling role. In certain circumstances, if a problem was judged to be serious, a tenant may be offered accommodation elsewhere.

iii) The institutions would not be informed of the use of controlled substances by a student unless this led to antisocial behaviour that affected other students which would fall within Unipol's general (and rarely used) option of involving the institution where disciplinary action might be considered.

iv) None of the above would preclude any student, neighbour or even member of staff, acting as an individual and reporting a criminal offence to the authorities.

V) Trading in controlled substances is a different matter and is in breach of the tenancy agreement signed with Unipol and where trading was seriously suspected the Police would be informed by Unipol.

vi) Where the cultivation of controlled substances were suspected or discovered within Unipol's portfolio then if the cultivation were for personal use then the student should be asked to destroy the plant/s. If cultivation was for more than personal use this would be dealt with under v) above.