Unipol Student Homes Social Networking Guidelines

  1. Unipol Student Homes will set up and monitor Unipol ‘groups’ or pages on all the major social networking websites. There shall be a separate ‘group’ for Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford students and the main web pages of the Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford will have links to these groups (through a logo of the social networking site) .
  2. A Unipol staff member (the Assistant Chief Executive - Standards) until otherwise specified) will have responsibility for administering and monitoring the Unipol Social networking web-pages. They will also update the social networking sites content, start topics and provide links to the main Unipol website.
  3. The administrator and Unipol will not respond directly to comments, concerns or queries posted on the social networking sites but may refer users to Unipol’s complaints procedure or another member of staff who may respond on line or to the user.
  4. If there is a concern about an individual tenant or their behaviour then this information will be brought to the attention of the Unipol Tenancy Support Officer.
  5. If an issue is raised with Unipol, then Unipol has a duty of care to both staff and students and the overall reputation of Unipol to consider and will respond to the issue raised.
  6. If a comment is offensive, abusive or contravenes Unipol's ‘Equal Opportunities Policy’ then it shall be deleted and the user ‘blocked’ from using the group if necessary.
  7. Groups should include up to date and relevant information about Unipol events, house hunting and include a link to the student to student notice board. Other groups on the social networking sites for residences will be encouraged to link their groups to the Unipol Student Homes groups.
  8. Advice about the safe use of social networking websites and this policy shall be clearly stated on the Unipol 'groups' and linked to from these pages.
  9. Information including usage statistics about the use of these social networking groups shall be reported at the Leeds and Bradford Services Committee or Nottingham Group.