Join the Leeds Property Association (LPA)

The Leeds Property Association(LPA) was formed in 1972 to promote the interests of residential landlords operating in the private rental sector in Leeds and surrounding areas. The LPA is the premier Leeds landlords association, providing support, specialist knowledge, money saving opportunities and website letting facilities to its members. The LPA is a non-profit organisation, owned and managed entirely by its members. Members have the added advantage of being joint members of the Residential Landlords Association. The LPA retains its own specialist housing solicitor who provides help and advice to members on both local and national housing issues.

The LPA is an extremely influential and well respected body throughout local and central government authorities. Recently, it has been actively involved in the implementation of the current HMO legislation and tenancy deposit schemes. Our tenancy agreements, available to members, take account of current legislation and are specifically tailored to take account of local considerations.

With well over 20,000 tenants in properties owned by LPA members, the Association is assured of active bi-monthly local meetings which benefit from a very active grass-roots membership.

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Unipol and the LPA

All members of the LPA will enjoy a 10% discount off their advertising fees.  Just remember to indicate your membership on the Unipol landlords membership form.