Model Tenancy Agreements

Unipol have consulted with landlords and student tenants to develop our own Tenancy Agreements. It is important to remember that the Tenancy Agreement you sign becomes legally binding and is a complex legal contract. We are aware that they can be confusing and difficult to understand. That is why we have provided guidance and information on what to expect and what things mean.

What is a Tenancy Agreement?

The Tenancy Agreement is the contract you read and sign when you have found a property you want to move into. All landlords should provide you with time to read your tenancy agreement before you sign it, you can ask questions and query any parts that you don’t understand.

Unipol has provided four types of Tenancy Agreement:

Which Tenancy do you want?

Assured Shorthold Tenancy for Joint Tenancies
Assured Shorthold Tenancy for Self-Contained Properties
Assured Shorthold Tenancy for Single Rooms in Shared Properties
Agreement for Owner Occupiers and 'Home Stay' (please note this can not be customised online at present)


Owners can access the Tenancy Generator via their Unipol dashboard.

If you are not registered then pop into the Unipol Housing Hub and the staff will help you, (please note there is a small fee).