£150 Council Tax Rebate


The council tax rebate is being provided to households living in council tax bands A – D. Your local council is responsible for determining who is eligible and making payments. These payments have been available since April 2022 and do not need to be paid back.

Since this scheme started in April, it is possible the previous tenants occupying the property you live in now claimed the £150 rebate while living there. If this is the case, you will not be eligible to claim the rebate as the rebate is paid per property, not per tenant.

Who is eligible

To be eligible, as of Friday 1 April 2022, your household must:

  • be in council tax band A, B, C or D
  • be the only or main place you live

Properties that won’t be eligible for a rebate include:

  • houses that are empty
  • houses that are not your main place of residence (such as second homes)
  • student halls of residence

This rebate will only be available for students living in private rented housing – not those living in Halls of Residence.

How do I claim the £150 Rebate?

Students Living In Leeds

If you are eligible and haven’t received the rebate payment yet, how you get this will depend on your individual circumstances. You will either receive a:

  • letter which can be taken to your nearest Post Office with proof of ID and redeemed for the £150
  • credit of £150 direct to your council tax account and a revised bill including any changes to payments due

Payments were due to be made by 31st July 2022.  If you have not received your rebate you can contact  Leeds City Council 

Email: council.tax@leeds.gov.uk

Tel:  0113 222 4404  selecting option 2 for Council Tax enquiries

Students Living in Nottingham

For people who pay council tax by direct debit, in most cases, the rebate will go directly into bank accounts.

If you do not pay for your council tax by Direct-Debit, the council will write to you directly.

Email:  counciltax@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Tel:      0115 718 1777

Students Living in Bradford

  • If you already pay your Council Tax through Direct Debit, the council will pay the £150 directly into your bank account. They started making these payments in April but will not be able to send the payment to you until they have done checks that are required by the government to prevent fraud.
  • if you don’t currently pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, the council will write to you to ask you to supply bank details via their secure online form. They will then make the payment directly in to your bank account once they have completed the government’s checks to prevent fraud. If you do not have your own bank account, you can nominate someone to receive this payment on your behalf.
  • if you can’t supply bank account details, you can ask for the payment to be made towards your council tax account (this will mean your bill for 2022-2023 will be £150 less) or to select an alternative method of payment.

Contact Form

Tel:  01274 437792

For more information about the Government Tax Rebate, please visit the Government Website.