Accommodation Costs Survey 2018


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Welcome to the Unipol/NUS Accommodation Costs Survey 2018

This is the only sector-wide data return collecting and tracking information on the costs of student accommodation in the UK, and it has been running for 50 years. This longitudinal dataset provides insight that can be used by universities and private providers alike on a variety of pricing issues, national trends and regional variations.

Why your organisation should take part

Your participation is very important in enabling issues of costs, affordability and changes in student accommodation provision to be captured and discussed. The survey has always aimed to use the information collected to contribute to a better deal for students, a more positive educational experience and a better informed market.

The report we will produced is written without spin or speculation, but aims to be a factual representation of the sector now, trends over time, and a record of your opinions in 2018. This project is run by Unipol and NUS, but is also supported by UUK, CUBO, ASRA and London Higher, given its important role in informing accommodation policy and strategy at every level. See 2015's survey report here

This year's survey opens in late July.

How to take part

If you are a university accommodation provider or a private provider and want to get involved, no matter how big or small, please contact us and we will support you through this process. Please email to register and we will send you a unique link to the survey for your organisation.

If you are a Students' Union or a student-led group and want to get involved in making sure providers are completing the survey please contact us. 


Kelly-Anne speaks with Ian Robertson (University of Leeds) about the survey and its importance for UK institutions and private providers of student accommodation.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kelly-anne Watson

Project Co-ordinator, Unipol Student Homes

0113 205 3417