House Hunting 2019 in Leeds


House Hunting in Leeds has started

Opening Weekend

Saturday 19th January - Unipol's official opening day of House Hunting in 2019 - saw students undertake 13,600 searches and view 87,581 adverts.  This was considerably higher than 2018 where 9,034 searches took place and 47,595 adverts were viewed.  A record number of requests for viewings through the website was seen with 1,273 sent compared to 770 in 2018.

Students continued to search the website in large numbers on Sunday with 5,332 searches and 36,854 adverts viewed.  Again this was higher than 2018 where 4,850 searches took place and 24,985 adverts were viewed.

Looking Forward

Advert views are running considerably up on 2018 with 647,883 seen in 2019 compared to 529,683 in 2018.  Property searches in 2019 are running 7% down on 2018. Book a viewing requests are also up 14% at 7,703 compared to 6,767 in 2018. 

Website activity has picked up as the busy summer period continues. 

Activity will pickup further from 'A' Level results day through to mid-September. 

Unipol is open 9am - 4.45pm Monday to Friday. 

Help is available

For any students who want that extra helping hand Unipol has a team of staff to help find that perfect property.  So call in and see us anytime.

We have lots of advice available on viewing properties and signing contracts in our online advice section.  

View our signing video to get a better understand of what's involved in signing a contract.