How your Residents’ Assistants can help you in your Accommodation


If you’re living in one of Unipol’s developments this year, hopefully you’ve already had chance to meet your Residents Assistants (RAs), so we wanted to introduce ourselves and explain how we can help make your year even better…

RAs are fellow students and live on site at Mill Street, Royal Park Road Flats, Blenheim's, Garden House, Grayson Heights, Doris Birdsall, The Student Hideout, Sandhills and at our family accommodations, Shay and Holborn, and Argie Avenue.

We’ll help with a number of things, including: 

  • Being your first point of contact about anything relating to your accommodation. 

  • Advice and support regarding COVID-19. 

  • Making sure surfaces are cleaned and sanitary to keep you safe.

  • Receiving parcels and helping you collect them in a safe manner. 

  • Dealing with any emergencies outside of Unipol main office hours. 

  • Logging and carrying out minor repairs and passing more skilled repairs onto the relevant contractor.

  • Helping your Housing Manager to maintain the general day-to-day smooth running of your accommodation. 

  • Providing you with advice when it comes to looking for accommodation for next year. 

  • Communicating with you through your development Facebook groups, and keeping it up-to-date with relevant information and details about events.

  • Arranging digital social events and competitions throughout the year (If you have any ideas for future events, please let us know!) 

  • Being a friendly face around your home for the year!

Find out who’s who by following this link and scrolling down to ‘Residential Assistants’.