International Student Research - Navigating the UK Housing Market


The transition to a new country is a significant milestone, and for some students navigating the UK Housing Market presents significant challenges. 

In 2023, Unipol conducted a study investigating the key issues experienced by international students and achieved results from 3,698 international students across 30 UK universities. The results were analysed in detail in November 2023, however, following changes to postgraduate taught visa regulations for students with dependents in January 2024, the dataset was reinvestigated to consider implications for students not affected by the new rules.

The study underscores the importance of reliable pre-arrival information and support systems for international students trying to find suitable accommodation in the UK. 

Addressing some of the challeges students are facing by enhancing the provision of accurate information will ensure a smoother transition for these students.

As the data indicates, when students feel their accommodation is true value for money and a home away from home, their overall experience significantly improves.