Sandhills: Brand new student development in Nottingham


If you’ve been in the Canning Circus area of Nottingham recently, you may have clocked the scaffolding emerging between Talbot Street and Wollaton Street.

Soon you’ll be able to make out the shell of the huge new student accommodation development beneath the building work facade. This is Unipol’s new 330 bed residence, due to be opening in September 2020. The development has been named ‘Sandhills’, and is set to impress with its contemporary design and decor, and open plan communal areas, putting students’ wellbeing at the forefront of their university experience.

The name ‘Sandhills’ has an interesting history which dates back to medieval times when the Canning Circus junction at the top of the slope was a key thoroughfare and overnight stopping place for traders and travellers. The sandstone meant that the ground was extremely dusty, hence ‘Sandhills’.

Here’s what the site will look like come September next year! Watch this space for updates…

Sandhills bedroom window view

Sandhills courtyard

Sandhills street view

Sandhills lounge area

Sandhills lounge and kitchen

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