The Nottingham Letting Year 2019 - What's happening


House hunting for the 2019 - 2020 academic year commenced on Saturday 10th November 2018. 

House Hunting patterns in Nottingham vary depending on what institution students attend. A lot of students studying at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union start their search in November, whereas students studying at the University of Nottingham tend to wait until the end of January before beginning their search.  

Key Observations:

Since the beginning of Housing Hunting on 10th November 2018 the Unipol web site has undertaken nearly 40,000 searches for accommodation with over 16,000 visitors.  54.81% of searches being made with not specified area, 16.93% searched for Lenton, 8.25% searched for City Centre. 54.48% of searches have been done via a mobile device, while only 4.30% have been done via a tablet

Also we are now in a quieter period until the end of April when activity is likely to pick up with students looking to secure accommdation befor ethe summer break and postgraduates entering the market.


Availability of properties

494 properties equating to 2,385 bedspaces have been displayed on the Unipol website since the start of House Hunting to date. Many properties are now full but there are still plently of rooms available in a variety of popular student areas

The National Picture - Nottingham

(Source: HESA)

Although it is useful to compare the current year with the previous year it is also important to look at trends across a number of years to get a better idea of the trajectory a city and its institutions are taking.  HESA figures are particularly useful in this respect and the latest figures 2016-2017 (always a year behind UCAS figures) have just been made available.

Both universities are now showing growth - in both UG and PG enrolments.  

Nottingham full-time enrolments 2010-11 – 2016-17 (HESA)
Institution Level 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Nottingham Trent University UG 20,380 20,585 20,020 20,530 20,305 TBC 23,600
PG 1,820 2,700 2,480 2,320 2,230 TBC 5,775
Total 22,200 23,285 22,500 22,850 22,535 27,920 29,375
University of Nottingham UG 23,025 23,515 23,445 23,155 22,665 TBC 24,065
PG 7,345 7,715 7,665 5,740 5,475 TBC 8,450
Total 30,370 31,230 31,110 28,895 28,140 32,125 32,515
Overall TOTAL   52,570 54,515 53,610 51,745 50,675 60,045 61,890









The UCAS intake figures from the University of Nottingham were more encouraging for 2018-2019 as can be seen below.

  • Nottingham Trent University was in the top 20 universities nationally to show real growth between 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 (over 12%).  This trend has manifested in Nottingham Trent's student recruitment in 2018 that resulted in a shortfall of 400 rooms and some students placed in Derby. 
  • The University of Nottingham has seem similar demand and is estimated to be +250 students.  To meet demand the University of Nottingham are building additional campus halls using rapid modular construction to accommodate students on-campus.
  • The non-continuation rate at both universities in Nottingham remains below the national average, protecting student numbers from falling further.  The non-continuation rate measures those student who drop out of university, most of these are seen in the first year of study.

"2018/2019 letting year has been a challenging market place but there are indications that 2019-2020 will be easier with increased student numbers that see demand outstripping supply".