Time to renew your Code Membership


The new Unipol Code cycle starts on the 1st of September 2018. Current members of the Code are now being encouraged to renew their status to maintain continuous membership until 2021 and access to licencing fee discounts. 

There will no longer be an extra grace period so please ensure you have renewed or joined the Unipol Code by the 1st of September 2018.

The Unipol Code is highly recognised by students in Leeds. Being a member will develop your reputation as a pro-active and dedicated landlord. The Unipol Code badge will also show students that your standards are more than just the legal minimum requirements.

Code Changes

After a thorough review and consideration of feedback from Code landlords there have been several changes to the Code document. These are listed below:

• Owners will comply with the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012 and will not make charges for payments received by card.

• Where CCTV cameras are fitted, they can only be located in the communal entrances/hallways of properties and on the exterior of buildings and not within dwellings. Any usage of CCTV cameras must comply with relevant data protection legislation and give due regard to tenant privacy and entitlement to freedom from unnecessary intrusion.

• It is recommended that exterior dusk until dawn or movement sensory security lights are fitted to ground floor rear entrances where a garden or yard is present.

• Any flat or house with ground floor occupancy should be equipped with a non-key-operated burglar alarm from August 31st 2021. Burglar alarms should be fitted by NSI or SSAIB approved contractors and equipment which has proved to be unreliable or ineffective should be replaced.

Procedural Changes

• As part of the verification process, landlord will be required to complete an online test to check their understanding of the Code standards. This will need to be completed within the first 6 months of membership completion and we will send you the link once the forms are received. 
• Membership applications and renewals for managing agents and larger landlords (with over 20 properties) will now include a visit to their offices to discuss the results of the online test and check records are in place for required documentation:
* A current gas safety certificate (is applicable)
* A current electrical periodic report
* An HMO licence if the property meets licensing criteria
* Evidence that the fire alarm panel (if installed) is serviced on an annual basis
* Evidence that any deposits taken from tenants have been protected under one of the three approved deposit protection schemes
* For managing agents, evidence that they are a member of a Redress Scheme


Landlord fees contribute towards 25% of the costs for running the Unipol Code including administration and inspections. Unipol, the institutions and Leeds City Council are responsible for the remaining costs.

Please click here to view fees for the 2018-2021 Code cycle.

Re-joining the Unipol Code

If you are ready to renew your membership, please login to your dashboard on the Unipol website and click pay Code fees.

Alternatively, you can register and pay in person at the office or post by cheque. Please also complete the following forms and send them back to the Unipol office or by email to m.allison@unipol.org.uk: Declaration of Properties for 2018-2021 and Unipol Code 2018-21 declaration form .

We really hope you continue being a valuable member of Unipol and improving standards in student accommodation.  

If you have any questions regarding the new cycle please email m.allison@unipol.org.uk or call 0113 205 3417