Unipol Tenant Satisfaction 2020


Thank you to everyone who completed the Tenant Satisfaction Survey this year and told us about their experience as a Unipol tenant.

We received an impressive 1,006 responses which is our highest ever response rate, meaning the results are very valid and helpful, so thank you.

We’re extremely pleased with this year’s results. The high scores for satisfaction show that the survey is a worthwhile piece of research for us to do, as it means we keep on improving. There are still areas we can work on which have been brought to light through the survey, and we will do our best to ensure anything highlighted by tenants is addressed so that the satisfaction ratings increase year on year.

Here’s a summary of things which may be of interest to you.

Tenants’ overall satisfaction rate was 84.05%, with 83.8% saying they would refer us to a friend. We’re extremely pleased with these results. This is the second highest score we’ve achieved since recording started fourteen years ago.

The ‘Renting and Booking Process’ section of the survey highlighted a gradual and inevitable shift in how students go about finding and signing for their accommodation.

Just 30% of tenants physically visited the Unipol Hub to rent their property, down from last year’s 36%. In turn, those who used the Rent Online system through the website increased to 25% from last year’s 22%.

During tenancies, social events were enjoyed by many with 83% saying they were enjoyable and they helped students to forge new friendships and to feel welcome.

We’re currently in the process of planning our social and wellbeing calendar for next year’s tenants, which, in light of Covid-19 will look a little different, albeit will hopefully be as enjoyable, and is somewhat more important than previous years’.

Satisfaction with security also increased from last year, and 79% said their house feels like home (up from last year’s 78%).

The safety of our tenants is our priority, so it was pleasing to see that a high percentage of tenants were satisfied with this at their property. We hope to see this percentage increase again next year as we put additional measures in place over the summer, to enable social distancing and ensure the safety and wellbeing of next year’s tenants.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to provide their feedback this year. As we plan for the upcoming academic year, we’re taking everything into consideration and following the government’s advice to ensure our tenants, staff and contractors are kept safe as we navigate the new normal.