What does Doris Birdsall mean to me?

Doris Birdsall garden and picnic area

What does Doris Birdsall mean to me?
Is it just the place where I stay during university?
The place I sleep and wake up every day,
And maybe cook – if I ever stop eating takeaway!

No, Doris is so, so much more,
And you can tell that as soon as you walk through the door.
From the smiling tenants as you walk past in the hall and greet,
To the welcome meal at MyLahore’s for everyone to get together and eat.

Doris Birdsall welcome meal at My Lahore

It is the place where we get chocolates and treats every holiday,
Bhangra dance lessons and trips to the Peak District for the day.
Who can forget the Halloween pumpkins to see which flat is number one?
Or the quiz nights where we all compete and have some fun.

It is the place where we have barbeques in the garden on sunny afternoons,
But, with the weather in Bradford, that’s once in a blue moon!
And as university is only a 2 minute walk,
You can bring back your friends to chill, relax and talk.

It is the place where my flatmates became my flat-family,
Lifelong friends who never fail to amaze me.
From the way we tell jokes, play pranks and make each other laugh,
And also, the shoulder to cry on when everything is getting tough.

It is the place where I work and have banter with the RAs and Jo,
Who never fail to smile with a welcoming hello.
With every problem, query or repair,
You know they are here to help and really do care.

Jan, Taylor (RA), Naeem (RA), and Jo

It is the place where you know support is only a phone call away,
With Jan at the end of the line to assure you everything will be okay.
And all the other Unipol staff who are always there to make sure,
That your stay at Doris is the best it can be as soon as you step through the door.


So, what does Doris mean to me?
It is definitely not just a place I stay during university.
Doris is my home 200 miles away from home,
A place where I feel safe, belonged and never alone.


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By Naeem Ahmed (Doris tenant)