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For students looking for rooms to share with other students. Owners and agents may not post on this noticeboard.

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Member : 23/11/2023 11:58:34


Missing one person to complete your house?

I’m Looking for a spare room in a 4/5 bed house in hyde park/burley/wood house area for next year (starting July 2024). Not bothered if it’s a mix group or not (I’m he/him). Ideally, the house has 2 or more bathrooms.

Get in touch if there’s a room in your house available please


Member : 26/04/2024 07:31:39


heya I have a bedroom available in Headingley if you're interested, here is some info:

Lovely house in Headingley close to the stadium, other house mates are super friendly and have a good laugh. 2 of the house mates are music students and the other is in a gap year. The house is a big student house with a washer and dryer, a TV with Netflix and all that jazz in the front room.
The deposit for the house is £260, rent payments are flexible with 2 plans, one as monthly and the other as termly. The room advertised has a wardrobe, a set of drawers a desk and a chair and a double bed. If the person looking at this house is not a student the council tax band is C and there is one other house mate also paying this so its not too bad

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