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For students wanting to meet up with other students to form a larger group to look for houses. Owners and agents may not post on this noticeboard.

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Member : 23/02/2024 11:08:17

Looking for housemates 2024/25

Heyy, my friend (m) and I (m) are looking for housemates for next year (2024/25). We previously lived together during 2022/23 but I went on a year abroad and he stayed with my former housemates. As our former house was mixed gender we welcome any and all gender identities and would prefer a bit of a mix. (More importantly I study history and ancient history and he does computer science so please more humanity students lmao).

We will both be going into 3rd year and are looking for preferably 3 more people to live with. Mainly wanting to live in the Headingly area and for max. £120 ppw but preferably under.

Also, anyone returning from a year abroad next year and also terrified?? :D

Please get in touch with me if you are interested or have any further questions!
Insta: l_m_gyk_s
Leeds email:

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