The Codes

The Codes: overview of what they are
The Purpose of the Codes
The Complaints Process
How to know if your landlord is accredited
The different Code Schemes



The Codes-overview of what they are

Unipol run a set of accreditation schemes called the Codes which student accommodation providers can volutarily join. By joining the Codes accommodation providers are agreeing to meet a set of benchmark standards relating to:

  • the physical condition of the accommodation
  • Management of the property
  • the relationship between landlord and tenants.

The purpose of the Codes 

The Codes drive up standards in student accommodation and promote good quality, safe housing. Unipol and your college or university always recommend you rent from a Code landlord wherever possible.

 As a student you stand to benefit considerably from renting a Code property for various reasons including:

  • Assurance that repairs and maintenance are carried out to acceptable timescales
  • Confidence that any deposits required will be protected and returned promptly at the end of the tenancy or an explanation of any deductions made
  • Certainty that the property you rent from is properly managed and regulated 
  • Access to a robust complaints process should there be any issues. Most complaints that Unipol receive are from non-Code landlords. It really is best to rent from a Code landlord or agent. 

The Your Code House booklet provides further information on the benefits of living with a Code landlord.

The Complaints Process

The complaints process can be used to resolve problems that may arise during the tenancy.

Most issues are resolved early on once a complaint has been made. Usually the Code Complaints Investigator is able to negotiate a reasonable solution between the tenant and accommodation provider but if this is not possible the complaint will go to an independent Tribunal.  To learn more about how to make a complaint against a Code student accommodation provider click here.

Please ensure your landlord is accredited before you make a complaint. 

How to know if your landlord is accredited 

Code landlords will badge their properties with the Code logo. When you are searching for accommodation on the Unipol website look out for the green and blue adverts / pins. 

Click here to see which landlords are accredited. 

The different Code Schemes 

There are several different schemes that are covered by the Code. These are:

The Unipol Code (for shared student houses) 

This scheme is for shared student housing in regular properties.

Please click below to download a copy of the document for each city

The Unipol Code for 100% accredited managing agents 

This scheme is for managing agents whose properties are all accredited in Leeds and Nottingham. Please be aware, it does not cover 'let-only' properties. You can check who is a member here

The Unipol Code Supporter Scheme

This scheme is for managing agents that are working towards full accreditation but where all of their properties are not yet at Code standard. Supporter members sign a bilateral arrangement with Unipol, reviewed quarterly, that means that an increasing number of their properties meet the standards over an agreed period of time. Please be aware this does not cover 'let-only' properties. You can check who is a member here

National Code for large developments 

This sceme is for large student housing developments (over 15 students in one building). There is a separate website for this scheme here.

The Unipol Code for Owner Occupiers and Homestay

These schemes are for owners who rent out rooms in their own homes in the student private rented sector in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham. Click below for the full content.

We also run a scheme with the University of Leeds and Bradford College for Homestay accommodation.

Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford Owner Occupiers Code

University of Leeds Homestay scheme             

Bradford Homestay scheme