Code Complaint Form

Please complete the form below with details of how you believe your landlord/managing agent has not complied with the Unipol Code, completing all sections as fully as you can.

Please state clearly:

How your landlord has not complied with the Code
The steps you have taken to bring this to your landlord attention (You must provide evidence showing you have done this in writing/by email)
If the landlord has responded to your correspondence, and whether there are still any outstanding issues that have not been resolved

When your complaint is received Unipol will check if it fulfils the above criteria and may request more information from you if it does not. This may delay the process, so please try to provide all above information upfront.

Once a complaint has been received the landlord will be written to, informing them of the complaint and giving them 7 working days in which to respond. If the complaint raises concerns about property standards, Unipol may ask to inspect the property and this will take place within 10 working days of receiving your complaint.

Generally, it is hoped that a reporting a complaint in writing to an owner who has joined the Code voluntarily will result in that owner taking any necessary remedial action immediately.


For example:

Clause number

How it has been breached


Kitchen does not have a fire blanketĀ 

(you can write around 600 words, if the complaint is longer than this please submit it as an attachment)