In a Code Home

Renting from a landlord who has joined the Unipol Code has many benefits. 

As you are already living in a Code property, you probably know that the Unipol Code is an accreditation scheme run and managed by Unipol.

Your landlord volunteered to join the Code and this involves meeting good standards for:

  • the physical condition of the property
  • health and safety
  • responsive customer service
  • dealing with repairs and complaints

The standards can be seen here

The main purpose of the Code is to provide students with good quality housing and improve standards. 

What are the features in a Code home?

As part of membership, Unipol inspects a proportion of Code properties to check they meet standards, requesting the landlord remedying any areas of non-compliances. 

The table below shows the main features you should find in your Code home

Room Items
  • Bed
  • Storage space for clothing
  • A desk and chair
  • Curtains and Blinds (properly installed)
  • A fire door
  • A heat detector (linked to all the smoke detectors in the property)
  • Adequate number of sinks, cookers, fridges, cupboards and work top spaces
  • A fire blanket
  • Three or more electrical power sockets
  • An electric extractor fan
  • At least 1 bathroom to 4 tenants
  • All rooms with a toilet should have a sink in them
  • Smoke detectors fitted to the ceilings
  • Staircases with more than 3 steps should have a handrail 
External Doors/ Windows 
  • Solid doors with a mortice lock
  • Houses with 3 or more tenants should have doors that can be opened from the inside without the use of a key
  • Windows that can be accessed from the ground floor should be of sound construction and secure
  • Tenants have access to window keys if locks are in place
  • Ground floor security grilles should be fitted internally and operate without the use of a key

If you would like to check on the requirements in more detail please contact Matt,  the Unipol Code Administrator at

How long should it take for repairs?

Your Unipol Code landlord must adhere to a set timeframe for repairs. Each repair has a different urgency and repair timescale:

Priority 1 (24 hours): A danger to tenants health and safety, security or a risk of serious damage to the property. For example, a smashed window or leak

Priority 2 (5 working days) :  Urgent repairs that affect tenants comfort and convenience. For example, a broken shower or fridge

Priority 3 (28 days) : Non-urgent repairs. For example, decorating a ceiling following a leak

A repair will need to be reported to your landlord in writing (email is fine). You can make reference to the Unipol Code repair timescale.


We hope you don’t have any issues in your Unipol Code home however, if things go wrong Unipol can help.

1: Raise the complaint with your landlord/agent first. Ensure you have the complaint in writing (email is fine). Ask for a reply within 7 days. You can also let your landlord know that you will be seeking help from Unipol if action is not taken.

2: If the issue has not been resolved by the landlord you can seek advice from Unipol. To make a complaint click here.

Usually if your landlord has breached the Code it is resolved at this stage. If not, Unipol will take the landlord to a tribunal. The tribunal cannot resolve legal issues or award compensation but may in some instances remove the landlord from the Code.

If you have any more questions please contact the Unipol Code Complaints offices at