Members Information on accessing Recycling Centres

Changes at Participating Recycling Centres (Kirkstall and Seacroft): What you need to know

Please Read ALL the information below as this deals with arrangements for using the Waste Recycling Centres that will require ACTION from you before you can access and use the facilities.

Leeds Rental Standard - Use of Kirkstall and Seacroft Waste Recycling Centres - ACTION REQUIRED

IMPORTANT: Leeds City Council are now enforcing a number of conditions of usage of these  facilities going forward.  Although these have been in place for sometime they have not always been enforced. 

***These include the requirement for ALL Landlords to have a Waste Carrier's Licence; to Register for a Business Account and to make sure that you are wearing steel capped boots and a hi-vis vest (personal Protective Equipment PPE) when on site and using the weighbridge.***

Waste Carrier's Licence
You should do this first as it's relatively easy to do and should not cost you anything. You will need this information to set up your business account.  Apply for your License HERE but follow the advice below.

1. Press the Start button and choose 'Yes' to new registration.
2. Choose 'England' on the next screen.
3. Choose your type of business. 
4. On the next screen choose 'i need a lower tier registration'.
5. Follow the next few screens and you will then be sent a confirmation shortly afterwards.

Setting up a Business Account
You must register with LCC and create an account to dispose of business waste. You must register with LCC first, or you will not be allowed entry to the waste transfer station.

To register, please contact LCC with the following information:
• name (title, forename, surname)
• business name if applicable
• full correspondence address including postcode
• vehicle details (registration, make, model, colour)
• contact number (landline or mobile)
• waste carriers licence number and expiry date if applicable
• full site address of where the waste has been removed from (they only accept waste from properties in the Leeds City Council area)

Once LCC receives your request they will create an account for you. You will receive details of this and your account number in a confirmation email.

Please note that these are requirements of Leeds City Council NOT the Leeds Rental Standard so if you have any questions regarding these requirements they should be directed to Leeds City Council in the first instance.