Matters which the board will reserve to itself

1 Approval of the annual audited accounts;
2 Approval of any significant change in accounting policies or practices. 
3  Appointment or removal of Company Secretary.
4 Remuneration of auditors and recommendations for appointment or removal of auditors.
5 Approval of the Forward Look strategy every three years and the annual operating budget.
6 Changes to the group's management & control structure.
7 Board appointments and removals.
8 Terms of reference of Chair, Deputy Chair - Partnerships, Deputy Chair - Properties and Portfolio, (Hon)
Treasurer and other Directors.
9 Terms of reference and membership of board committees.
10 Major capital projects.
11 Material contracts of the Company (excluding utility contracts) in the ordinary course of business in
excess of £140,000 and all acquisitions or disposals of fixed assets above £20,000.
12 To receive reports from Financial Affairs and Staffing Committee of all material contracts in excess of
13 Investment and Reserves Strategy.
14 Risk management strategy.
15 Treasury policies [including foreign exchange exposures].
16 Formulation of policy regarding charitable donations.
17 Prosecution, defence or settlement of litigation involving above £20,000 or being
otherwise material to the interests of the Company.
18 Internal control arrangements.
19 Health & safety policy.
20 Environmental policy.
21 Directors' & officers' liability insurance.