Standing Order for the discussion of business at the board of Unipol Student Homes Limited

1. Each item of business, or linked items of business, shall be assigned a separate agenda heading.

2. Each item of business, as listed on the agenda will be flagged as follows:

i) Business with no designation will be material being received primarily for information. The item will receive a brief introduction through the Chair and short questions are allowed. No substantive discussion or discussion of tangential issues will be accepted by the Board on these matters.

These restrictions shall not apply to the standard agenda heading of "Approval of Minutes of a Previous Board Meeting"

In formal reporting areas (where information is reported by agreement of the Board annually, or where previous powers have been delegated and decisions taken elsewhere simply needing REPORTING, RATIFYING or NOTING) this category can also be used to RECEIVE and APPROVE standard documentation.

The following standard documentation in respect of this order, reported annually to the Board, falls under this category:

ii) A single star *. Indicates an item of business where the discussion would be limited to around 5 minutes, normally followed by the need to take a decision with the Board AGREEING or APPROVING action.

iii) A double star **. Indicates a significant area for discussion, around 20 minutes, normally falling into the following categories:

the commencement of an initiative

the establishment of a significant area of policy

decisions involving substantial financial implications.

normally followed by the need to take a decision with the Board AGREEING or APPROVING action.

This designation will include general discussions involving strategic planning and matters where the Board are invited to CONSIDER a matter or REACH A DECISION.

3) The Board, in establishing such procedures has empowered the Chair of the meeting to use these standing orders for the conduct of business. If discussion takes place outside of the parameters agreed above, the Chair has the right, by referred to the relevant Standing Order, to terminate discussion and move the meeting forward to the next agenda heading. Such a termination cannot be challenged by any member of the Board or by the Board collectively, although any member can insist that the matter be placed on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board for fuller discussion.

4) The Chair will decide on the designation of business on the agenda and that designation shall be clearly marked on the agenda.

5) Any Board member can adjust the rating given to an item of business (moving only upwards from for information, to * or **) up to 24 hours before a Board meeting by E-mailing both the Chair and Chief Executive of that change. Such notification will immediately change the designation of the item to that requested by a Board member.

6) No papers laid on the table, or Confidential Business, will fall under this system of designation, unless the Board had previously established a regular policy over a repeat agenda item or formal reporting.

The Arrears Report laid on the table at each Board Meeting shall carry the designation of a single star*.