Apply to Become a Homestay Host

Two students talking

Why Become a Homestay Host?

Being a Homestay host is a rewarding experience which involves taking care of an international student living in your home. It is a popular choice for students, as not only do you provide a bed, food, and a place to study, but also guidance and insight into life in the UK and traditional British culture. 

Whilst we do expect Homestay hosts to fully engage with their student, it is a commitment which can fit around your work and family life.

Apply to Become a Homestay Host

When applying to become a Homestay host you are agreeing to:

  • Provide a private bedroom with bed and place to study.
  • Providing half board on weekdays (breakfast and an evening meal) and full board at the weekend.
  • Welcome international students to your family!

You will receive:

  • A set nightly rate per student, which increases following successful completion of a probationary period of two placements.
  • Template documents to use for your Homestay admin – including fire risk assessments and a Homestay welcome pack.
  • Support and regular communication from our team.

Applying to Become a Homestay Host – How it Works

If you would like to become a Homestay host, wish to discuss the programme further, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Homestay team, on or calling 0113 205 3418.

Following submission of your application, an appointment will be made to conduct an inspection of your Homestay accommodation, following payment of your fee (which covers your initial inspection costs). You will receive a full report of your inspection which will outline any remedial work which may need to be undertaken, or a full recommendation for joining the Code, and becoming an accredited host.

Once accepted, you will enter a probationary period of two successful placements, following which you will then become a fully accredited host for the period of the current Homestay Code.

Please note that the Homestay Code runs for a set two-year period. All hosts will be required to pay a fee to join each successive Code, during which time they will also receive an additional inspection. This is a requirement of the British Council, which accredits the University of Leeds Language Centre.