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The student rental market is continually changing and as landlords ourselves we understand the challenges you face when it comes to letting your property.

Our close relationships with the universities and colleges provide us with important information regarding student figures and trends. This allows us to target students successfully and ensure high numbers of visitors on our website. 

What advertising services do we offer?

Our website provides students with a transparent view of the overall market so properties can be easily compared.

Landlords who advertise their properties on our website can list their best property features and images, which is really important when we have over 1,200,000 advert views a year.

Our website is also designed for house hunting on the go, so it looks great on mobiles, laptops and tablets.

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So what makes us different?

The student accommodation market has become increasingly competitive but we can help you cut through the noise.

Students are our priority and we ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to choose their property and landlord wisely. Our website allows landlords to list their best property features which make it easier for students to search for their perfect home.

Our close relationship with the universities and colleges means our publicity is welcome on their premises. We actively promote our website to students on campus by hosting exciting stalls and house hunting talks. Many of the institutions also promote the Unipol accommodation search to their students through their online portals, email and social media.

Here are just a few ways we promote our website and get our message across:

  • Attend Freshers’ events
  • Attend stalls at the Universities and Colleges
  • Exciting merchandise
  • Social media
  • Engaging competitions
  • Outdoor and printed advertising
  • House hunting talks
  • Door knocking in popular student areas
  • Advertising within the universities and colleges
  • HTML emails

Without a doubt, we have more access to students than any other accommodation provider in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham.

Advertise with Unipol for the first time Advertising Fees

As a father of teenage children undergoing degree study in other University towns in England, I find Unipol to be the best amongst other similar services offered by agencies affiliated with those Universities.

Also, having dealt with Unipol as a landlord for many years in advertising our student accommodations around UoN, I think the team at Unipol provides an excellent service to both the landlord and students alike.

Winston and Yvonne Lee - Nottingham landlord


Over many years I have received excellent advice and help from Unipol. They are all so nice and approchable which is great for landlords and students alike. I'm proud to be a member. 

Sue Michaels - Leeds Landlord


If you are a landlord in Leeds, you are required to become a member of Unipol before you advertise. Being a member of Unipol is for advertising and training events, Code membership is separate and more information can be found here.

Unipol membership lasts one year and fees can be found here. Landlords in Leeds can also just become a member of Unipol without advertising.

Membership not only allows you to advertise but it also provides you with access to important landlord information and training events. Here are a few of the benefits of membership with Unipol:

  • The Model Tenancy Generator - Access to an online Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and generator- free of charge
  • The Unipol/TDS Scheme - if you are also a member of the Unipol Code you can protect deposits for in the Unipol/TDS Scheme. Unipol and the Dispute Service work together to be able to offer competitive rates to landlords with smaller portfolios.
  • Regular analysis of your local housing market - Valuable information will be available through email and your online account on what is letting and where and advice on rents.
  • Monthly Newsletter - The monthly newsletter will provide you with useful information on up-to-date landlord news that is likely to affect you and Unipol activities.
  • Owners Consultative Group meetings - We are always listening to our landlords. Apply to get involved and provide your opinions and feedback.
  • Advice for owners - This section includes information on Housing Health and Safety Rating System, gas safety certification, EPCs, and low maintenance gardens.
  • Free Training Events- Unipol provide a selection of free training events for landlords.


You could be eligible for a 15% discount off your advertising costs if you are a Member of the Unipol Code.  

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Advertise with Unipol for the first time 

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