Smooth Moves: Your Ultimate Student Housing Changeover Guide


Let's face it: moving can be stressful. From packing up your life to cleaning every nook and cranny, the student housing changeover period is notorious for its challenges. But guess what? It doesn't have to be a nightmare. With the right preparation and a few insider tips, you can turn this daunting task into a seamless experience.

Follow this guide to help you navigate the exciting yet sometimes chaotic transition between student housing. Whether you're moving out, moving in, or both, we've got you covered with everything you need to make the process as smooth as possible.


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Get Set...Prep


30th June - 1st July: Houseless for a night?!


In through the door


Next Steps: Repair Timescales and Complaints

Get Set...Prep:


  • Key Collection & Paperwork: Most agents/landlords require you to book a key collection appointment in order to manage the flow of students and also require ID upon collection. Make sure to book in advance otherwise you might end up waiting at the back of the queue for a long time on the day of moving! Landlords and agents also have the right to refuse you keys to the property if you haven't completed the necessary paperwork, paid deposits etc. It's useful to double check you've done everything required of you before the big day.
    • Top Tip: if there is a burglar alarm, upon key collection make sure the landlord gives you the code so you can use it straightaway.
    • Top Tip: LUU have a really useful Q&A type page over some common concerns, check it out here: Moving in Day ( 


  • Snacks & Drinks!! Probably one of the most important things on the day!! Prep a snack bag for you and those helping you move, include sweets, crisps, sandwiches, cold drinks and whatever you think you're team will appreciate on the day!! It's also good to have a little first aid kit on hand in case of any accidents! Make sure you stay energized, well-fed and hydrated, particularly if there's stairs involved!! Regular 5min breaks are recommended!!


  • Pack an Overnight/Important Bag! Moving gets chaotic real quick, you can also quickly lose track of what is what and where is it?!! We recommend keeping a overnight/important bag which saves you from digging through multiple boxes and will keep you going for a few days whilst you unpack and get settled.


  • Turnover Traffic: Many students vacate their accommodations at the end of the academic year, typically around the 30th June and 1st July this lead to a lot of people in the same boat and a lot traffic on the roads, it's useful to bear this in mind as the trips back and forth may take you longer than expected!
    • Tip!: If you can, consider moving out a few days before the official end date or move in a few days after the official start date to avoid the rush and stress of peak moving days.
  • Check out places to donate items you no longer want/need here!


30th June - 1st July: Houseless for a night?!

The phenomenon of students being "houseless" for a night during the student housing changeover period is a common issue due to the gap between tenancy end and start dates. We understand it's stressful and inconvenient, here’s our tips:

1. Plan Ahead: You'll know when your tenancy ends and starts as it will say on your contract, in most cases tenancies end on the 30th June and begin on the 1st July. This gives you time to put in place a plan to avoid having no where on that night. 

2. Stay Calm and Flexible: Remain calm and approach the situation with a flexible mindset. Remember, it's a temporary setback.

3. Storage: Lots of students tend to hire out a storage unit either for themselves or with their housemates and offload their belongings over the week of changeover. This is a really effective way as it gives you a bit longer to move things in and out more comfortably. 

3. Stay with Friends or Family: Arrange to stay with friends, family, or fellow students during the gap.

4. Consider Budget Accommodation: Look for budget-friendly options such as hostels, Airbnb, or last-minute hotel deals. Some accommodations offer student discount

5. Stay Safe: Prioritize your safety when exploring temporary housing options. Choose reputable accommodations and inform friends or family of your whereabouts.

Facing a night without accommodation during student move-out is challenging but manageable with proactive planning and resourcefulness. By preparing in advance and knowing your options, you can navigate this situation effectively and minimize stress during what can already be a hectic time.


In through the door...

  • Inspect the Property: Upon moving in, conduct a thorough inspection of the property. Take photos or videos to document the condition of the property, which will be useful for any future disputes over damages - make sure these have dated data attached to them.
    • If you've come across any issues contact your landlord in the first instance - they may not be aware of issues if the previous tenants haven't let them know!
  • House not Clean: Properties should be clean for you at the start of the tenancy but if you find the house isn’t clean then firstly make sure the landlord is aware. 

    Demand for cleaners is very high at Changeover and they will be doing their best to get around all the houses as soon as they can. 

    The Unipol Code states that properties must be cleaned within the first five days of the tenancy (2.21) however we find most properties get cleaned before this.

  • Property not up to scratch??

    Unfortunately not everyone has a wonderful moving-in experience and the condition upon arrival can sometimes be disappointing. 

    In an ideal world the previous tenants will have cleaned up, moved out and returned the keys, all in good time for the landlord to carry out any repairs and redecoration needed, conduct a thorough inspection and ensure the home is ready for arrival, right from the start of the new tenancy. 

    The reality is that properties are often occupied right up until the last minute (or later!) and can be handed back in a poor condition. Landlords will try to prioritise according to urgency at this very busy time. Communicate in writing (followed up by a phone call), promptly and calmly with your landlord any problems in the property and take photographs.

    We would expect a Code landlord to get the property in to a suitable condition and properly cleaned within 5 working days following a complaint but in reality most landlords would be able to get this resolved within 48 hours once you’ve raised the problem.

    For non-urgent repairs there is typically a tremendous amount of work that goes on over the summer months (when many of the students are not around) to get the properties back into a good condition for the start of the new academic year.  Tenant and agents / landlord should work together to ensure accommodation needs are met, and the house is ready for when tenants want to live there, be that right from the beginning of the tenancy, or later in September. Again communicate in writing any concerns you have/ repairs needed and ask for proposed completion dates to ensure any issues get resolved.


Next Steps: Code Landlord Repairs Timescales:


The following guidelines are from our Unipol Code and are what we consider as best practice. 

You can learn more about our codes here!

These are the repair timescales Code landlords should aim to fix things under normal circumstances normal (Changeover is a peak busy time) (3.10)

Check to see if you landlord is code here!


Remember repairs should be reported in writing! A follow up phone call to go into more detail can't harm either!


Priority One

Emergency Repairs: Any repairs required in order to avoid a danger to health, risk to the safety and security of residents or serious damage to buildings or residents’ belongings.

Within 24 hours of report of the defect/s.

Priority Two

Urgent Repairs: Repairs to defects which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the residents. Includes boilers, hot water, heating etc (portable heaters to be provided it its too cold)

Within five working days of report of the defect/s

Priority Three

Non Urgent day-to-day repairs: Reactive repairs not falling within the above categories.

Within 28 days of report of the defect/s or by arrangements with the occupiers after that time. Decorative finishes to be made good within reasonable timescales if damaged or disturbed during repairs

For more specific advice around Repairs please see here!


Want to complain?

If your landlord is a Code Landlord you can complain to us if you believe they are in breach of the Unipol Code. A breach must be put right within 4 weeks of when it has been reported to the agent.

Our offices are also open over the changeover weekend so if you wish to pop in or give us a call feel free!


See How to Complain Here