The Codes: for better student housing

How can the Codes help students? 

A landlord or managing agent who is a member of the Code will:

  • Provide housing and services that meet your legal rights
  • Set clear standards of safety and service

All the Codes have been developed in partnership with their local universities and students’ unions. You can find out more about the Codes here.

The Codes are focussed on important issues like:

  • Getting repairs done
  • Keeping you safe
  • Accurate advertising
  • How things are handled when things go wrong (complaints)

There are different Code standards depending on the type of property you live in.

How does Unipol check on members of the Code?

Every member has a sample of their properties inspected every 3 years. We may also do an inspection following a complaint. There is more information about what an inspection involves.

Can Unipol help if I’m having problems with my landlord?

Yes – please get in touch so we can help.

If your landlord or agent is a member of the Unipol Codes, we have additional powers to intervene under these schemes. There is also a formal complaints process.

If you landlord is not covered by a Code, we can still provide information about your rights and suggest how you might act on them - you can contact us here.

How can I find out if my landlord/agent is in the Code?

Our database of members can be found here.

What does the Code cover?

Detailed information about the requirements of the different Codes can be found here.