For Members of the Community

1. Members of the community can use the complaints procedure for matters relating to anti-social behaviour. These complaints relate to sections 6.00 and 6.01 of the Code.

Community members can also report other serious property matters that are hazardous to health (for example disrepair, environmental concerns) to Unipol who may choose to complain directly to the landlord with a view to resolving those issues. In some cases we will ask the complainant to also report certain matters to relevant statutory authorities and may join with them in that report.

Where a community enquiry does not meet the criteria to be dealt with under the Complaints Process, Unipol may still with the agreement of the complainant, informally raise the issue with the landlord concerned.

The full Code document for each city can be read at the links below:

Leeds   Nottingham   Bradford

2. You may not know whether the landlord of a particular property is a Code landlord so just email us with the address and we can let you know.

3. If the landlord is a Unipol Code member, then a Code complaint should be made directly to Unipol and we will contact the landlord with a view to resolving any matter. Even if the landlord is not a Unipol Code member, we may still be able to give you advice on what to do next and where to get support.

Make a Complaint

4. The complaint should be made in writing and must refer to a particular property or properties and the complaint must be about some specific behaviour or problem. Try to be factual, accurate and fair. We will reply to you within 7 days of receiving your complaint during which time we will contact the landlord and raise the matter with them.

5. We will pass any response to you. If we are concerned about the property we will inspect the property within 10 days and draw up an action plan to remedy problems within what we regard as a reasonable time scale.

6. We’ll work with you and the landlord to try to resolve the complaint, but if this is not possible it will be referred to the Unipol Code Tribunal. The Tribunal is an independent body which will look into your complaint and the landlord’s response, and decide if they have breached the Code. The Tribunal cannot award compensation or settle legal arguments but a member can be suspended (which would affect all of their properties) and the outcome, if the complaint is upheld, gives rise to poor publicity and sometimes further action from enforcing authorities, for the landlord.

Other Sources of Support for Members of the Community



Leeds City Council Environmental Health Services:  0113 222 4406 //


Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team: 0113 222 4402 //


Universities and Colleges Neighbourhood Helpline (a 24 hour dedicated voicemail and email service) that responds within 24 hours to those experiencing any problem living in the community (such as uncollected rubbish, neglected gardens, noisy neighbours, illegal parking and other environmental problems) on 0113 3431064 or email




Bradford Metropolitan District Council Environmental Health: 01274 434 366


Bradford Metropolitan District Antisocial Behaviour




Nottingham City Council Environmental Health: 0115 915 2020 email:


Nottingham City Council Community Safety Team: 0115 915 2020 email: 


University of Nottingham Neighbourhood Helpline: 0115 846 8666