Become an accredited landlord with Unipol

As a student housing charity, we are always trying to drive up standards in student accommodation and make the process of renting as simple and fair as possible.

Unipol run and manage several voluntary accreditation schemes. Once a landlord joins any one of the schemes they are expected to meet a set of benchmark standards that in many areas exceed the legal minimum. These standards are in relation to the physical condition of the accommodation, housing management and the relationship between tenant and landlord.

What is the purpose of becoming accredited with Unipol?

Being accredited will support your good reputation with potential tenants. 

The Unipol Code badge is recognised by students and institutions in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham and shows your commitment to providing good quality, safe housing for students. There are many other benefits to being accredited including discounts, market advantage and free training.

As an impartial mediator, we have a robust system which handles any complaints or issues with landlords, tenants or neighbours. The process ensures that disputes are resolved fairly and a solution is provided.  To learn more about how the complaints process works, click here.

Key Advantages of being accredited

Most importantly, being accredited demonstrates your commitment to continuing improvement in student housing. There are also many other benefits and advantages to signing up:

  • Discounts: Accreditation entitles you to discounts on advertising with Unipol and local authority licencing fees of £150 per applicable property in Leeds and either £340 or £730 per property in Nottingham. This discount on licensing is in recognition that accredited landlords voluntarily comply with standards higher than the legal minimum.
  • Market advantage: The Students’ Unions, universities and colleges always recommend accredited landlords. This helps you to stand out from the crowd in a competitive housing market. Accredited landlords will also appear first on the Unipol accommodation search. 
  • Community: Accredited landlords can participate in the Code’s development and local government and strategy development.
  • Time: Tenants will understand they have their own responsibilities as well as rights and you will spend less time dealing with disputes / complaints.
  • Cost: You can add value to your property, possibly commanding higher rents. Being accredited can also lower tenant turnover and reduce void periods.
  • Reassurance: Knowing that there is a clear framework for resolving tenant issues.
  • Training: We will ensure you have the knowledge to provide a professional service and to reduce exposure to the risk of non-compliance and its possible consequences.

Leeds landlords: You will automatically become a Leeds Rental Standard member, which entitles you to: discounts off HMO licensing, advertising opportunities in ‘Leeds Homes’, reduced tipping charges, business parking permits and access to Council Housing Officers and the Private Tenant Letting Scheme. Find out more here.

Nottingham landlords: You will automatically become a Nottingham Standard landlord, which entitles you to: discounts off Selective Licencing, free training, inclusion on an accredited landlord register, discounted membership of Landlords National Property Group and East Midlands Property owners and Consultation opportunities. Find out more here.

Unipol's accreditation schemes

We offer different standards for different types of landlord and property types.

The Unipol Codes for Shared Student Houses

The Unipol Code is for shared student housing, which accredits private landlords in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham. Click below for the full content.

Leeds           Bradford           Nottingham

For Managing Agents 

There are two types of membership for managing agents in Leeds and Nottingham. If all managed properties are accredited, agents can join the "100% of managed properties accredited" scheme. Alternatively if some properties are not yet up to standard, agents can become a "Supporter" and work towards full membership.

Supporter members sign a bilateral arrangement with Unipol, which is reviewed annually, that means that an increasing number of their properties meet the standards over an agreed period of time. A sample declaration form can be downloaded here.

The Unipol Code for Owner Occupiers and Homestay

These schemes are for owners who rent out rooms in their own homes in the student private rented sector in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham. Click below for the full content.

We also run a scheme with the University of Leeds and Bradford College for Homestay accommodation.

Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford Owner Occupiers Code

University of Leeds Homestay scheme

Bradford College Homestay scheme          

The National Codes

This scheme accredits large student housing developments (over 15 students in one building) - one for education institutions and one for commercial providers. Click here for the full content.

Ready to become accredited?

Here are just a few things you need to know:

  • Membership lasts for up to 3 years from the start date of each scheme
  • A fee is payable for Leeds and Nottingham Code Membership, view them here Leeds Nottingham. A fee is payable for National Code Membership, click here to view.
  • Once you complete the enquiry form below, we will arrange a date to come out to inspect your properties, and send you a link to join online. Membership begins once you’ve completed all documentation and paid the correct fee.
  • If you would like to know more about how Unipol assess new applications in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham, please click here

Enquire about Unipol Code Membership below:

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