Leeds House Hunting Checklist

As a not-for-profit, values focused charity, our aim is to:


  1. Provide real, honest advice without hype or bias, 

  2. Make sure you have the right information and confidence to make your own decisions about your next home, 

  3. Improve the standards of student accommodation to ensure you get the safest property possible from the best landlord. 


House Hunting Has Started 


BUT don't rush to rent; take your time and use all of the reseoruces available to you so you make the right decision about where to live next year.

We've put together this checklist for you which should get you fully equipped with the tools you need for house hunting:


✅ Get a feel for what you like. 

It's important that you get a varied view of what's on offer so you can compare features and prices. Shop around and search the Unipol website after the 22nd November to compare thousands of different types of student accommodation. 


✅ Learn a little bit about the Unipol Code and why you're better off choosing a Code landlord.

Living in a Unipol Code property will ensure the customer service and physical standards of the property are higher than the legal minimum. The Unipol Code Complaints process can also help resolve problems quickly. Check how clued up you are on the Code and be in with the chance of winning a week's free rent by completing this quick online quiz!


✅ Check Rate Your Landlord.

Take a look at what previous tenants of your prospective landlord have said about things like: customer service, efficiency of repairs, safety and security, deposit handling and more. Rate Your Landlord is a bit like TripAdvisor, so it's an extremely useful website to refer to when house hunting. 


✅ Get your contract checked.

Once you've decided where you'd like to live, the landlord will give you a contract to sign. Here's a bit of information on contracts so you know what to expect and to help you get equipped with the tools to recognise any niggly bits.

Once you're given your contract, take it into your Students’ Union so an expert can take a fresh look at it before you sign.


✅ What's your budget?

In most cases there will be costs involved in addition to just the rent. Make sure you have worked out what your budget is before you sign for a property you may not be able to afford.


Find out more in our Leeds Housing Guide


✅ Use the Unipol Personal Shopping Experience?

Let Unipol help you find your ideal student home. Just pop into the office and we will do the hard work for you. Fill out our form here: