Advice during the COVID19 pandemic covering rent, lockdown, house hunting and UPDATED FAQs on moving in and out of properties.

What you can do to make moving as stress-free as possible.

Unipol has been working on this checklist for you which should get you fully equipped with the tools you need for house hunting in 2021.  

Coming to the UK? Let Unipol help you find your home away from home

A complete listing of who is who at Unipol and other agencies offering housing advice and support.

If you are a tenant in the private rented sector and you're unhappy with the way you have been treated by a lettings agent or property manager, here's how to make a complaint to a redress s...

Living in a rented property is governed by law and regulation. As well as placing responsibilities on you as a tenant, this also gives you rights.

Find out how to get on with longer term members of the community, how to stay safe and how to contribute positively to community life

This is a major resource of information and advice for international students looking for accommodation