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Find out what's going on in student housing locally and nationally.

Leeds Student Housing Research

Unipol has published a report assessing the Leeds student housing market

Deposits: A Guide For Students

Here is a quick guide about the rules regarding deposits and what you can do if you are worried you aren’t being treated fairly.

Nottingham Rental Standard launched to Improve standards for renters

Unipol, DASH Services and Nottingham City Council have introduced new initiative to enhance standards in private rental accommodation.

The Ten Cities Rent Survey is now available

The Report capture the latest data on rents in purpose built student accommodation across 10 core university cities, and seeks to understand the factors driving steep increases

Renters Reform Bill Latest Update

With the bill getting a second reading on Monday 23rd October Unipol look at what impact it may have on students

A guide to navigating the cost of living crisis for students in the UK

The cost of living crisis has become a significant concern for students in the United Kingdom. Rising prices and inflation can put a strain on the already tight budgets of students.

Dealing with homesickness at University

Being in University can be so exciting – but it can also be a little bit lonely. If you find you are feeling homesick, that is totally understandable. We’ve put together some helpful tips of how to de...

Preparing for University!

After accepting your place at university and securing your accommodation for the upcoming year, you may now be thinking about what’s to come and if you need to prepare anything in advance for the big ...

Avoid Housing Contract Scams

Unipol has become aware of an increase in rental scams circulating via social media, particularly on Facebook.

A Level Results 2023 - How Unipol can help

If you’ve now confirmed your place for September, Unipol is here to help with all your student accommodation needs!

Unipol Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2023

Thank you to everyone who completed the Tenant Satisfaction Survey this year and told us about their experiences as a Unipol tenant!

Bradford House Hunting 2023 - 2024

House hunting for academic year 2023-2024 in Bradford commenced on 6th February 2023.

Ten Cities Rent Survey Underway

Unipol is undertaking an survey of purpose built student accommodation rents

Unipol Chief Executive

The trustees of Unipol Student Homes have announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive

Coping with Exam Stress

You’ve left school and your GCSEs and A Levels are behind you. But now it’s time for University Exams…perhaps the scariest of them all! This time can be the most stressful you might experience.

Short term lets over summer

Unipol has short term summer accommodation available to students in Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford. Find out more and book!

Research on international students and their experience of accommodation in the UK

Student-facing research to understand the international student experience of finding accommodation and any challenges they have encountered.

Spring into House Hunting

Thinking about accommodation for your next academic year? There are many options on the Unipol website if you are yet to find your next student home. If you have a particular property in mind, you ca...

HEPI Blog: The latest developments in student accommodation

There are significant housing shortages throughout all segments of society within the UK. There is a point where students will also be affected by supply problems – why would they be exempt?

Advice for International Students Looking for Accommodation

With the current shortfall of student accommodation available, and reports of many students in temporary living arrangements with friends and family, we have put together this short but hopefully usef...

Damp and Mould

Excessive damp is unpleasant and can lead to mould growth. It can cause damage and could potentially be harmful to health if left untreated

Understanding your heating to prevent mould

As the weather gets colder, it’s peak time for condensation to start building up around your house. Condensation is the lead cause of mould within student properties, so we want to share a few useful ...

Rent direct from Unipol

Unipol is a non-profit organisation helping the students of Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford to find the best home for them while studying.

Unipol Tenant Satisfaction 2022

Thank you to everyone who completed the Tenant Satisfaction Survey this year and told us about their experience as a Unipol tenant.