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Introducing The Unipol Codes

Ensuring quality, safe living spaces

Unipol run several Codes for student accommodation which aim to ensure that providers go substantially beyond their legal minimum requirements in providing good quality, safe and well managed housing.

Live Updates from Social

Jan 18

The National Code website has been updated following research undertaken by ANUK/National Codes on how Universities… https://t.co/OwVtRghZan

Jan 08

@sue_cade @LisatheSimpson @PaulaHoskin @MartinSLewis @guardian Great news for Exeter and Falmouth students! Unipol,… https://t.co/wT9PgKcqJ6

Jan 07

@LisatheSimpson @sue_cade @PaulaHoskin @MartinSLewis @guardian We would like to assure you that Unipol takes the sa… https://t.co/m5rJZRXRV3

Jan 07

"You may return to university earlier if you do not have access to appropriate alternative accommodation, facilitie… https://t.co/2UXf2qcoRJ

Jan 07

@LisatheSimpson @sue_cade @PaulaHoskin @MartinSLewis Unipol falls under the 'private sector housing supplier' categ… https://t.co/FGiDEbCU6N

Jan 07

@LisatheSimpson @sue_cade @PaulaHoskin @MartinSLewis At present our occupancy rates are similar to what they would… https://t.co/E6cJ0cBbxw

Jan 07

RT @UnipolHousing: The link below contains information we have sent to our tenants regarding their return to their accommodation, foll… https://t.co/rzUAQ7vB7w

Jan 07

@sue_cade @PaulaHoskin @LisatheSimpson @MartinSLewis (2/2) We have written to all our tenants to explain that they… https://t.co/BanuUNJU2t

Jan 07

@sue_cade @PaulaHoskin @LisatheSimpson @MartinSLewis The Government guidance is confusing because it mentions retur… https://t.co/p2pzRsr3jG

Jan 06

@mrvlsbrie @UnipolHousing @Unipol_Students Hi there Jess, we wrote to all our tenants yesterday, so you should have… https://t.co/URuVHdPvxC

Jan 04

Updated information for student accommodation providers, following the update on tier arrangements from December 31… https://t.co/lMvXbYcFnH

Dec 17

The partially revised Code will be on the website from Friday 18th December 2020. #UKStudentAccomm #NationalCode