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Introducing The Unipol Codes

Ensuring quality, safe living spaces

Unipol run several Codes for student accommodation which aim to ensure that providers go substantially beyond their legal minimum requirements in providing good quality, safe and well managed housing.

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Oct 12

For up-to-date advice and news for student accommodation providers see the link below 👇 Website content has been… https://t.co/rYnwnfPT7C

Oct 06

RT @Unipol_Students: Sorting out a budget from the get go helps you manage your money so you don’t get into trouble later on 🤔 Read ou… https://t.co/v7oodWlGrG

Oct 01

"It's important to find the balance between giving enough information to tenants, and not complicating things by gi… https://t.co/ug4RaNtuc0

Oct 01

"We're now lacking the early touch points where we normally identify a mental health or wellbeing problem. We're no… https://t.co/sAVtdQpyZG

Oct 01

"Mental health support will never have been as important as it will be in the coming weeks" - Martin Blakey, Unipol. #UKStudentAccom

Oct 01

"The plan is that ALL students will be tested two weeks before the end of term (before Christmas)". This can only h… https://t.co/KMtFAzprF6

Oct 01

"Only public health authorities can enforce a lockdown in a building." Accommodation providers do not have the auth… https://t.co/M24VBzB8BL

Oct 01

At this morning's #ukstudentaccom forum, we're focusing on Tenancy Support. Martin Blakey kicks off the discussion… https://t.co/zvin8FJVBB

Sep 28

Moving away from home and starting university is a significant life changing event for anyone. On top of this, we’r… https://t.co/RYAPul57fx

Sep 28

@katrionatattoo @DrewMillward Hey @katrionatattoo, sorry to hear about your daughter's bad experience with her acco… https://t.co/gYg3wkeEaq

Sep 03

"Our mission for 2020/21 is to build a community for our residents which truly supports their wellbeing" - Tracey S… https://t.co/tYTgl2WCJm