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Introducing The Unipol Codes

Ensuring quality, safe living spaces

Unipol run several Codes for student accommodation which aim to ensure that providers go substantially beyond their legal minimum requirements in providing good quality, safe and well managed housing.

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Nov 19

'Most students find lectures the most useful way of learning' [...] 'learning is largely a social endeavour'. Sugge… https://t.co/bs3vN68get

Nov 19

We're beginning the conversation by discussing where we're at in terms of occupancy at present, in the run up to Ch… https://t.co/HTc3tDSAfy

Nov 19

Today's conference begins at 11am will look at what has changed & what has stayed the same following the pandemic.… https://t.co/0ZDJIXgR4f

Nov 17

RT @leedsbeckettint: This year, it's more important than ever to be prepared for house hunting season. 🏡 ✔️Do your research on the area,… https://t.co/7sU8y2nNaM

Nov 17

RT @gpew_students: A quick 🧵 on rising rents and student accommodation that you might find useful on #NationalStudentsDay2020 ⬇️… https://t.co/9Hjz9ym4Er

Nov 13

@kellyawatson94 Systems for dealing with complaints and refunds need to be well published, understood and transpare… https://t.co/jT6xP6A1Xd

Nov 13

Kelly-Anne Watson, @Unipol : The systems and policies for refunds and complaints should be consistently reviewed, a… https://t.co/rgTkUWcbpf

Nov 13

Rory Hughes @NUS: The anger amongst student tenants at the moment is significant [and] we need to acknowledge that… https://t.co/DyBvF7exj7

Nov 13

Stuart Henderson – @GSASpaceToGrow: in the last 6 months we’ve really seen cities come together and universities wi… https://t.co/aIHkqRyQpG

Nov 13

We are all here in the best interests of the student and their welfare. #CodesConf #studentaccommodation #highereducation

Nov 13

Allan, @CassClaredale - the private sector is no longer just about tenants and landlords – it is more than that. Th… https://t.co/YQCS2dRNA9

Nov 13

HE providers should "continue to make sure [students] are well looked after and that special plans are created for… https://t.co/xDhts7WO6I