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Introducing The Unipol Codes

Ensuring quality, safe living spaces

Unipol run several Codes for student accommodation which aim to ensure that providers go substantially beyond their legal minimum requirements in providing good quality, safe and well managed housing.

Live Updates from Social

Apr 14

RT @dftoday: Next up, Martin Blakey, CEO at @Unipol discusses the current state of the UK PBSA market during our virtual roundta… https://t.co/1mkhsJ9P5c

Apr 13

We have seen significant growth in the number of beds we'd consider 'premium'. Nearly 4 in 10 beds in Glasgow are '… https://t.co/cQOtIZk4tk

Apr 13

Now speaking is David Feeney, @CushWake, with some interesting insights into student accommodation demand and suppl… https://t.co/QlNaIPutWj

Apr 13

"We are therefore expecting to see an increased demand, again, for studio-type accommodation'.

Apr 13

"Non-EU demand continues to rise. +21% (4.6k) increase in applicants from China." - Katie Bell

Apr 13

Next up is @DrKatieBell, Chief Marketing Officer at @ucas_online. #UKStudentAccomm #UCAS #highered

Apr 13

Some interesting figures from Martin Rushall on international postgraduate student numbers #UKStudentAccommhttps://t.co/Rpu1fHmnlk

Apr 13

'The Russell Group cleaned up in 2020, achieving 16% growth, significantly higher then the 5.4% registered for the… https://t.co/jcpLOZeITb

Apr 13

Between 2011-2020, 'non-EU applicants increased from 87,870 to 98,660, up by 12.3% to their highest ever level' #UKStudentAccomm #highered

Apr 13

"In 2020, there was an increase in home [university] applicants of 2.1%, up 11,780 from 565,480 to 577,260" - Martin Rushall

Apr 13

'"The Russell Group points out that the "majority of students [are] now living in their term time accommodation."'

Apr 13

This morning's #UKSAF has begun and we're first hearing from Martin Blakey with an update on the return to universi… https://t.co/36oGUvvb7o