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Stay Well, Stay Home

Stay Home, Stay Well is an online social program to help our Students and Staff get through lockdown. We understand the importance of keeping your body and mind active during times like this, which is...

Things you can do when self-isolating with kids

As schools are closed, how are parents supposed to cope? Presumably we’re all going to be here for some time, so Kelly-Anne has written a few pointers that might help.

Building a healthy immune system during self-isolation

This blog post contains some info on the different nutrients and vitamins found in the fruit and veg you might already have at home or available at most supermarkets. These can all either be eaten on ...

Keep your mind and body active

Garden House, Headingley

“As the Residents’ Assistant it has been a pleasure to get to know so many lovely characters and I am lucky to have spent my postgraduate year here."

University Mental Health Day 2020

Following the success of last month’s Wellness Event at our Mill Street development for Time to Talk Day, here at Unipol we hosted another event at the offices for University Mental Health Day.

What does Doris Birdsall mean to me?

A poem about Doris Birdsall

Time to Talk Day

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming platforms; all good in their own way, but can be a little anti-social. February 6th was Time To Talk Day. The idea of this, surprisingly, is to get people talking...

What to do in Bradford?

Places to visit in Bradford

Why I’ve chosen to live at New York Street Apartments for another year

Hannah, second year Vocalist at Leeds College of Music has written this week’s blog post about why she has chosen to stay at New York Street Apartments for her third year…

Personal Shopping Experience

Thinking about looking for your next student home but don’t know where to start? Let Unipol do the hard work for you!

Beat the January blues in Nottingham

I hope you all enjoyed what we can probably sadly agree was a short-lived Christmas break. The New Year has begun and it’s back to work for us all, whether you have exams, assignments, or lectures to ...

Featured blog for NSCD students – How can Unipol help with housing?

Working in partnership with Northern School of Contemporary Dance, we provide support, information and advice on student housing.

House hunting on your own?

Here are a few pointers for you if you haven't yet found a group of potential housemates.

House hunting on your own?

Here are a few pointers for you if you haven't yet found a group of potential housemates.

Let’s Talk About the Serious Issue of Fire Safety

There is understandable anxiety about fire safety in properties, particularly high rise properties – so it’s time to take stock of where we are and how things work in Unipol Housing.

How to Rent

How to Rent, Who to Rent from, Viewings and the Unipol Code

Sandhills: Brand new student development in Nottingham

With its contemporary design and open plan social areas, Sandhills puts students’ wellbeing at the forefront of their university experience.

What is the Unipol Code?

Find out how the Unipol Code can help you

Tenancy Support and Wellbeing

I'm Jan, the Tenancy Support and Wellbeing Coordinator for Unipol and I'm here to help when life gets a bit challenging.

Here to Help

A huge WELCOME to this years’ Residents Assistants!

Nottingham Trent University House Hunting Advice

Find out more about what support is available for new students attending Nottingham Trent University that are house hunting.

Leeds Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2019 - How Did We Do?

Find out about the results from the 2019 survey.

Preparing for uni in Nottingham?

Here’s a bit of advice to help you feel more relaxed AND excited for September!